J Balvin sends greetings talented violinist pesa, Zamir


Violinist pesa Zamir-Munoz-Hernandez still climbing the ladder in the world of social networking and making money with his talent, the stars of Latin music.

Then that reguetonero Puerto Rico Daddy Yankee and Colombian singer Carlos Vives face tired, thanks to versions for violin, which sang his songs, now he was another famous one, who took off his hat before the young man 21.year of life.

This translator cities of Colombia J Balvinthat sent a message that the musician’s heavenly message through the video, which send their best Vibes and blessings. Zamir, I am proud of the detail that was J Balvin with him, shared with the audio and all your followers on your Instagram profile near the text in which they attack those who made your achievements possible.

“Thank you J Balvin therefore, to devote part of his time and to me this detail. Every time I feel more proud of what is being implemented gradually, with effort, dedication and faith, all is achieved in life. Thank you all, and do not cease to say that they are the link to make this happen, Thank you all for the support of the family. I love you, we continue,” writes Zamir next post.

Zamir has become very popular in social media, thanks covers song time with his violin, and, starting from the interpretation Natti Natasha, Karol G, Maluma or great artists of Cuba Alain Perez.

In Instagram, where more than 13 thousand followers, has also managed to create a circle of support that every day comment and “like” each of their publications.

The latest version of just the highlights you upload to your account is a recently released Oh, my God! singer from Columbia University Charles G. Zamir, invited all his fans that are listed in the translator, so as to achieve, to reach it, the formula that works with his previous post.

“Run at Karol G many times in the comments that you watch my videos and share in its history, if you like,” said Cuban.

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