John Cena and the 18-year career


John Cena was 18 years old, debuted in the WWE. The company has published a video in social networks to celebrate this anniversary, Dinner is shared and used to write the message he dedicated to his fans:

“Thank you for all the wishes on the anniversary of the day that I will never forget. WWE is and will always be my home. Thank you for agreeing to follow my passion for many years, without you it would have been impossible.”

On 27 June 2002, a member of the hall of Fame, Kurt Angle completed the task opened Smackdown. Lunch came out to the ring, to challenge, and, after the fight at odds, Dinner lost three. Comrades, as Faruq, Rikishi, Billy Kidman and The Undertaker praised the role of the beginner, perhaps, he had a great debut.

Since then, his career was on the rise, becoming a sixteen-time world Champion of the business. His last appearance in WWE, he was at Wrestlemania 36, when he lost vs Bray Wyatt in a “Firefly” Fun House Match”.


The Undertaker warned John Cena on the success that I had in success that could be where you could go career in the Empire Vince McMahon. If someone will give advice on the number of the best of several that the grave-digger. But even he hoped that his friend was a legend in to be converted.

“When John Cena started to have success, or a million years, I thought I was going to win, as they did. And I’m pleasantly surprised that he did. I’ve never seen anyone do what he did,” he said in a recent interview.

Already retired athlete added that “wrestling, John Cena went from a type hated to be loved around the world. Came to the level that it does not matter whether it was good or it is bad. I remember when we did the 10 minute standing ovation. It was crazy”.

“I really can’t think of any who made such a reaction from fans. John Cena created John Cena. Only their work ethic is unsurpassed. Impressive. I mean not only what does in encordados, but outside, as the mass media. In fact, and said to him one day: “John, for you, you must learn to say “no”. Because they did everything and said “no.” John showed me that I was wrong. I told him: “you’re going to burn’. It’s amazing,” said the gravedigger.

These two legends came to share, anything used in 23 cases, that they are really small, which is very unfortunate. But there was an important battle: his hand-in-hand at Vengeance 2003, counter-duplas at No Way Out 2007 and fight at Wrestlemania 34.




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