Kim Kardashian seems to want back in Tristan Thompson should not be true for Khloé Kardashian


Kim Kardashian, 39 years old, praised his former brother-in-law. Tristan Thompson, 29, the clip 18 additional season of the reality show “Keeping Up whit the Kardashians”. She shared in September 2019 dinner with the NBA star in new York after the relationship with Khloé Kardashian35, was completed in February last year for scandals, scams, best friend Kylie Jenner22, Jordyn Woods.

During the game, hoops with Scott Disick, CEO of SKIMS and KKW Beauty said that the player “this is really good”. It is worth remembering that he is the father True Thompson2. “I’m dying listening to when you were in new York went to dinner with Tristan?”, asked Disick after the pair further discussed his next trip to Armenia. Kim said with a smile as indicates that the meeting “was good.”

“Honestly, it’s so nice,” he said, before adding: “it’s really good.” Scott spoke and said that, despite his mistakes in the past, it seemed that “devoting a lot”. Immediately, Kim said: “it’s Really trying very hard. And was a full year like other people.” New movies, programs, occurs after the U.S. media revealed that Khloé and Tristan, spend time with your child.

Days ago the website TMZ has shared a video that he recorded originally, a mutual friend of a former partner where standing next to each other as they sing and removed from their phone, the birthday of another friend, in General, the towns of oğuz Savaş. Everything points to the fact that, Yes, they are together. But, according to the report, it is not. Of course, United during a pandemic, but it was all for the welfare of his daughter.

Despite Khloé and Tristan did display a cozy, sources close to him say that they should not be narrow in the affair. In the video, the player the Cleveland Cavaliers seem to have embraced the co-founder of Good American. Apparently they see every day, but still live separately. Are good friends, and try to be the best parents for True.



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