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So it was shown in an intimate conversation with Efe in which he admitted that he came “new stage”, which is “opening the space for food is more important that” for her, as a person, “as Larisa” Macedo Machado, his name.

However, the artist, one of the most international in the country at the present time, knows that in the first place. This Friday, presented “I”, his first song reguetón 2020, in order not to miss their fans, and, simultaneously, to see their capabilities.

“I like to take something classic and turn from the point of view of a woman. One of my functions as an artist-to show that women can do the same as men. This theme is a manifestation of this,” he said.

“I” is a sticky cooperation with the Archangel and Ghettos, two degrees from the first litter reguetón Puerto Rico.

“I knew the Ghetto in the face, see, carpet, awards, events, in which we were. In Archangel I suggested on the label and never imagined that I would say Yes. I was afraid (C) he did not want to record with me, and I was amazed when I said Yes. I am very grateful. I like a lot of work. I am very pleased (with), as it turned out,” said he.

However, this song, written in Spanish, it came out two weeks after their joint work in Portuguese and English with bard Brazilian funk Paulista MC Zaac and American rapper Tyga. Spot called the “Board Pro Play (Pa pa pa)”, has already reached 24 million views on YouTube.

But to complete the enviable list of music distributed at all latitudes, the beginning of the month Anitta, abilities, of course, for languages, gave a surprise singing Italian rapper Fred the Palm for the song “Dove”.


Despite this, a large that has been the past few weeks, one of the goals of the artist for 27 years, and it was suggested that this year was to give you more attention to his personal life. Let go a little Anitta, artist, and leave to live more at Laura. So he signed in January an agreement with war Warner Records.

“Once the commander of my entire career. In addition, the artist, to sing, to give interviews, he was an entrepreneur, Manager, and all. So it was 10 years that I wear in my career. Now I decided to have a little more time for me, a private person. To live a little more. Spending time with my family, with friends, with my dogs and with me the same,” he said.

The application must contain the pandemic gave it. Also a place to engage in their health, as two weeks ago, was hospitalized in thrombosis, which said that he fully controlled.


With more than 47.5 million followers on Instagram and more than seven in TikTok, Anitta is a Brazilian artist with great influence in social networks, as well as the greatest success in selling, “streaming” and “download”.

This led to the fact that during the presidential elections in Brazil in 2018 to frequently asked questions about the political position that admitted, struck her too much.

“When I’m in the music I never thought that someone might be interested in my opinion on a serious topic as politics. However, during the last elections in my country, I asked a lot of questions, and I could have an impact on the youth in both of these initiatives are very important,” he said.

It is used to protect the indigenous population of the Amazon and the rights of musicians, although Annita joined recently active reasons in favor of the rights of LGTBQ.

“But I never was fond of saying, not knowing. Before you give your opinion about anything, I educo first,” replied he, for example, the question about the situation with coronavirus in Brazil.

So, showed that he took private lessons in policy and so a few days ago I decided I wanted to give him the opportunity to his fans in Instagram

“In Brazil people are ignorant in terms of policy, to manipulate them”, – he stressed, – that provides a contribution in this social network to reverse this situation.

By Anitta, classes specified in the analyst, “from the point of view of the layman that everyone can understand.”

“There are no excuses. I feel that it is important that young people understand that, Yes, we wanted to go on vacation, to dance, to have fun, but we are also obliged to participate in the life of our countries”, – he urged.

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