Matias Fernandez now looks, preaching in Instagram, – said the representative of the press-Chile


In the composition of the Junior Barranquilla, currently in the Circle, the Wheel, was involved in the problem in the network, is significantly different from what they have done viral a lot of characters in world football.

While many players viralizaron on a global level in his films, making it a popular ’21’ with a roll of toilet paper from Chile came news from an old friend of our country: Matias Fernandez.

The wheel of creation took part along with his wife, the so-called #unversiculochallenge and left a message for his followers.

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“Do you believe in God? You detained to enter into your heart?”, threw Mathias after completing the set. Recall that the steering wheel, or is a faithful follower of the Christian religion,” – said the newspaper ‘the Fourth’, their country.

Find out more about what happens to Colombians abroad.The latest news players the Colombians, playing in various football leagues in the world.



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