Oh, lovely! Miguel Layún gives a charming walk


MEXICO – famous athlete Miguel Layún sensation to share with your followers, the perfect time for walks with the family. The theme stems from the I record, when their small children, enjoying a wonderful family, went to his bike, and the smallest in the small motorcycle, toys. That is, without a doubt, it was an incredible moment of family leisure.

In their social networks, mainly instagram, Miguel Layún came to share with his followers, some of the most emotional moments that he spends with his family, those who determine the quality of its engine, agradeciéndoles for support at any stage of their career. Publications that are very review football fans to clap in a great family who managed to unite.

For example, a few weeks ago, which told happy father’s day, a tender film, which shows no effort with small son, Marcelo and Matthew, while grateful for the lessons that for him. At the same time, he appreciated his father, turning him into a person who is currently, and those who thank you and is dedicated to each of his victories.

Or out of fear, back on the court?

On the other hand, Miguel Layún he recently shared his views, before returning to a new normal after the pandemic Covid-19. Referring to the fact that although there is still the intrigue of what will happen, and how to gradually adapt to a new way of life, the main thing is not to lose vigilance and to comply with security measures. Although the epidemiological traffic light was changed, it is important to continue the treatment.

He also noted that in this situation, each must act reasonably and not to take everything seriously, because it is not something simple. But the virus, which has claimed the lives of millions of people around the world. So you need to act wisely, cuidándonos and care for our loved ones, continuing hygiene. However, said to be very excited, and finally back on the field.



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