Poland.- The Polish opposition denounces “irregularities” and ensures that your candidate is the winner of the presidential elections



The opposition has warned that “scandalous irregularities” in the second round of the presidential elections in Poland on Sunday and has ensured that their candidate, Rafal Trzaskowski, would be the winner of the elections. A survey by the vote of the President-in-office, Andrzej doubt, as the winner with 50.4 percent of the vote.

The campaign manager Trzaskowski, Cezary Tomczyk, has ensured that these artifacts appear mainly on the voices from the outside. Almost half a million Polish residents abroad can Trzaskowski, the voice in these elections, probably in connection to.

The official results will not be released until Monday afternoon and could even be delayed until Wednesday, but both candidates declared their victory.

“I’m happy with the victory in the survey of the surveys” indicated doubt as to their supporters. “Taking into account the previous elections, the result will be even better,” has riveted. In addition, she has Trzaskowski invited at the presidential Palace.

Trzaskowski, who has accepted the invitation, but had been postponed until the official results. Tomczyk argues, convene protests if a doubt is declared the winner.

The study surveys in addition to a record of 68.9 per cent, and confirmed that the main support of the doubt, the government, the party “law and justice” (PiS) come from rural areas, while Trzaskowski has its main support in the cities.



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