Rob Kardashian didn’t come to Instagram


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This Tuesday Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner was surprised by all his followers, sharing information with them, new account on Instagram, @robkardashianofficial, convincing them that in the future, to be aware of, the only person Kardashian.A message indicating that the designer, socks, returned to the social network was completely unexpected, because all the data is still locked, the platform, so that in 2017 will release some photos, devoted to his ex Blac Chyna, as ‘revenge’ after their breakup.

The veto remains in force, as confirmed by one of the representatives of the company and a new profile in the environment. Rob is actually the one processed Jenner Communications and, as a result, after the famous mománager.De indeed, before you open it, it would have to take some measures and controls to ensure that Rob could not have access to the information and turn it thus in your Instagram staff.

As a result, can only be regarded as a “fan account’, as indicated in the description of the biography to follow the rules, which indicates that the younger brother of Kim Kardashian can “create, manage and control” the content in the app.Despite this, his supporters, and can see myself from day to day, Rob Kardashian @robkardashianofficial where we just released a tender video little Dream, his only daughter.



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