Several films that Netflix will debut before the end of 2020, and striving for some sort of Oscar – Tvshow – 13/07/2020


Now streaming has become a placebo-withdrawal syndrome the movie on the big screen, one moved anxiety good movies platforms. It’s a comfort and more, given that Netflix hit the awards season, which ends with Oscar. Go here for some videos it is important that the platform has prepared for the brand new that the lack of an atypical year.

I think in the end

For all its oddities, Charlie Kaufman he received the “Oscar” for the screenplay Eternal sunshine of the mind without memory. In his career he did other libretto so interestingWho wants to be John Malkovich?, The thief of orchids) and at the head of two cult movies, Anomalisa and Synecdoche, New York. I think, in the end, his first project for Netflix based on the novel by Ian Reid and Tony Colette and Jesse Plemmons. This is the story of a girl who is going to meet with the family of her fiance, and you will learn more than you need. Netflix is determined with the tag “complex” and “damage”. (4 September).

Enola Holmes

Millie Bobby Brown is Stranger Things to be the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, including a spin-off teenage classic Conan Doyle. Director Harry Bradbeer (that made episodes Fleabag and The Murder Of Eve) account in the case of conspiracy, while Lydia and her brother, the famous (in the interpretation Henry Cavill). In the cast also Helena Bonham Carter and Sam Claflin. (Sep)


David FincherDirector Se7en, Zodiac, Social network (or one of the great Directors of Americans for the last 25 years) is associated with a heavy historical authorship for the script Citizen. In Horio the title is the screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz (what here has a face Gary Oldman), who wrote the screenplay, classic, although his part (as he was given the “Oscar”) have always been rejected Orson Welles (Orson Welles). There is everything to be in the race for “Oscar”. (Oct)

Hillbilly “Elegy”

The first film Ron Howard for Netflix. Howard won two Oscars for his brilliant mind and comes to lead a documentary Pavarotti and Only A Star Wars Story and it is hoped that Hillbilly “Elegy” or in the competition next Academy awards. I am looking for a bestseller, J. D. Vance about the lives of three generations of one family of Appalachia, told a Yale University student who returns to his family. They Amy Adams, Glenn CloseFreida Pinto. (Nov)

The Prom

Ryan Murphymanufacturer series time (only premiere The Politician and Hollywood), still performs its consent billionaire with Netflix, but this time doing it with film. And musical Comedy that was a hit on Broadway in several actors have decided to accompany to the prom girl who wants to go, accompanied by his girlfriend. In the devotees, he Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole KidmanAndrew Rannells, Kerry Washington and Keegan-Michael Key. (Spring)


You have to be brave to do a remake of the novel by Daphne Du maurier that Alfred Hitchcock filmed in 1940. Director of the English language Ben Wheatley (Free Fire) accepted the challenge and again to tell the story of the new miss millionaire-widower (a widow), who, it seems, is obsessed with his dead wife. Lily James this Galina; Army Hammer, the master of the house, and Kristin Scott Thomasscary Mrs. Danvers. It is a great story. (No date)

The Devil All the Time

Adaptation of the novel Donald Ray Pollock Oh, according to the official description, a group of veterans of the second World War, in the 1960-ies, suffering from a mental disorder, psychological trauma of war. The group includes Tom HollandSebastian Stan, Robert Pattinson MIA wasikowska, bill Skarsgard, Jason Clarke, and Harry Melling. Hello. Antonio Leads The Field. (No date)

The Midnight Sky

George Clooney manages and plays a major role in this story of science fiction in which a scientist only in the Arctic, and the attempts themselves, the astronauts would not return to earth, where everything is a little entangled with a mysterious accident. In addition, Clooney -that can claim to be the third Oscar for this movie on Netflix-they Felicity JonesSophie Rundle and Kyle Chandler. (No date)