Ship of the Navy of the EU explodes and catches fire; see image


A ship of the Navy of the United States, caught fire on Sunday at a base located in San Diego, after the incident, at least 17 sailors and 4 civilians were wounded. Photo: Reuters

A Ship of the Navy of United States (USA) exploded and caught fire in a base located in San Diegoafter the incident, the 17 sailors and 4 civilians were wounded.

At least 17 sailors and 4 civilians were taken to an area hospital San Diego after suffering a slight injury after the registration of a large fire on Board the Navy ship Navy USS Bonhomme Richardthis Sunday.

The Fire San Diego came to the Ship to the fire, and then press the emergency call.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning, the fire brigade arrived at the location and could not see a thick, black smoke of hundreds of meters in the air.

The Ship amphibious assault of 257 square is docked in the base-navy the San Diegoaccording to the video sequences, transmitted, EU.

Emergency crews on the boats were next to the Ship in flames, spraying it with hoses, and thus control of the fire.

“The sieve were treated with ten sailors and four civilians, for non-fatal injuries in a local hospital. All boats the entry was contacted and directed groups of firefighters, which may help with the efforts in the fight against the fire”.

Armed forces wrote to overwater this Sunday.

The unit was added that “the whole team is from the Ship and out of danger.”

How did the fire in San Diego?

A few 160 sailors They were on Board when the fire struck, at 8:30 PM.m., local time, said the Naval forces.

Earlier Sunday, the fire Department of San Diego wrote on Twitter that there was an explosion in a Ship of the Navy of the United States, and that they shut off in cooperation with other emergency equipment and clean the area.

All the first-responders came to the fire, around 11:19.m. (6:19 p.m. GMT), said the fire Department via Twitter.

At noon local time, the said Department that all employees have been instructed to come out of the dock.

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