Steve Bannon revealed that scientists from the Wuhan flea and testify that the Corona-Virus was causing


Steve Bannonon the right side Donald Trump and chief strategist of his presidential campaign, has revealed that the scientists in question-the laboratory of the city of Wuhan in china, where it originated, the outbreak of COVID-19, began to breakaway in the middle of February, and the cooperation with Western intelligence services in the research about the origin of the virus, which has already caused more than 560 thousand deaths in the world.

In addition, he said that the FBI is moving forward in an investigation on the basis that the global pandemic was caused by a filtration of the Institute for Virology in Wuhan, and that the cover would later be equivalent to “premeditated murder” of thousands of people.

“I know that some defectors are working with the FBI in order to clarify to try, what happened” in the Institute of Wuhan, which was, according to him “terribly directed, and terribly mismanaged.”

BANNERT, to give the interview of a yacht on the East coast The United States, said that the renegades were also in discussion with agencies in Europe and the United Kingdom.



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