Supersonic Planes. These companies work on the flights shorter


More than 50 years ago, the world was impressed with the supersonic Concorde, because he came to reach a speed of more than two thousand kilometers per hour. However, in 2003, was recalled in the middle of the controversy that accompanied him between the technological progress of the time, and disappointment in your business-efficiency and ecological. Now, the air-transport air —transport, the witnesses, the people allowed to fly twice as fast as the speed of sound—could return thanks to a couple of companies are working on new designs of supersonic flight.

The first prototype of the XB-1, scale 1:3, the supersonic-jet-Overture-Boom Supersonic, its first flight next year. Is designed to transport up to 75 people, is expected to reduce to half of the duration of the flight, and to work with fuels, 100 percent sustainable, points to the chain us CNN.

One of the weaknesses of the famous Concorde supersonic aircraft, were the sound of the explosions, he can’t produce, which was so popular and it was disturbing for the people who are close to the airports. To solve this defect, the is Overture with all the latest technologies of reduction of noise.

The Overture to fly only at speeds from supersonic to the oceans, so that the populations are not affected by the noise sonic. However, the Supersonic Boom is not the only company interested in the provision of supersonic aircraft for the foreseeable future.

Aerion Corporation is an American company, the expected flights of supersonic flow for 2026, and what you will be using your plane AS2, the only transport up to 12 people, it only works with biofuels and, in addition, according to the company’s managing Director, Tom Vice, is “as quiet as other aircraft”.

On the other hand, the United States Spike Aerospace hall is working on a plane for a business excessive, the Spike S-512 1000 is called, which could accommodate up to 18 passengers. Allow long flights for people who are going to New York city to London, only three to four hours instead of six to seven.

If you have never heard of, like the sonic boom of the Concorde, when flying at more than two thousand kilometers per hour, then we leave you a video of the sound that was left in his way.