Teasy lights: the most natural way to look like a mane of sun-drenched summer


The weakening brought revival hair blonde color. Known as Emily Ratajkowski, Millie Bobby brown, or Kaia Gerber has chosen the hair dye, to explain their manes in the period postconfinamiento, to a greater or lesser medidaa. If you want to summer your mane will be more clear look bathed in sunlightbut where the touch of the blonde has very natural lookingif the tab teasy lights, reflection of fashion social networking.

This new methodology, which hybrid reflection, the traditional and balayagemeans ‘to laugh’ hair, before figuring it out; that is, apply a lighter color, so that there is no effect of the root when the hair starts to grow. Although the purpose of the activity coincides with balagaye, the process to get the reflection lit the torches is slightly different. “Instead of having to apply the color by hand, using the comb directly on the mane, this time in the colorful used special paper metallic (aluminum is not allowed, because burning your hair) to separate the hair into locks. Thus the color is not applied completely stuck to the roothow to remove something on the bottom to change them you can’t seems more expressive, better tone base“- explains Anna Lleida, Director of the Anara salon by Anna Lleida.

The result mane with added light, although, with the finish, very light that, despite the fact, start quite stuck in the roots of the hair, a mixture of bright shades-the darker shades, naturally, are connected to each other in such a way that the effect of the root is almost imperceptible.

Best of all, after the color diffuse requires minimal maintenanceso that you can be a few months without having to go to the hairdresser to change the color. In addition, if you are not very stable, you can give one more step, and ask your hairdresser that you should not teasy lights already from the beginning of the hair, but they can start a few inches from the root. Thus, you will need to return to the pelu in after four to six months.

However, everything that is not dismissed, you take care of the hair as it should. You need to use a sulfate-free shampoo that keep the richness of the colors and, if the paint of the employee is very clear that it would be better to solve specifically for this hair color, and avoid moving on a green or orange in the summer. After don’t forget Air conditioning and, once a week apply a color mask or moisturizer.