The old residence become mythical heroes cover music | international


The residents of Sydmar Lodge centre for older people in the city, Edgware, similar to London, carried out the localization of their assistants trying to stay, at least, will not miss the face of the pandemic coronavirus erupted in the UK and the rest of the world. This lbloody the idea that, given the uncertainty music, or covers, and started to work.

In fact, the proposal image playback is remembered from the mythical singers was the focal point for the community, Robert Speker. However, the plan missed one, older and employees of the center recalled, David Bowie, The Clash, Queen and Michael Jackson, among othersbut was also introduced into the skin of contemporary artists like Madonna, Adele, Taylor swift or Rag’ n Bone Man.

Covers viral on Twitter

What you didn’t know these people is that what started as a hobby, will lead them to glory. Aimed at those artists, men of Rome, Sheila, Faith, Tuff, or Lily was viralizado on Twitter, and that their entertainment they are missing any details: poses, costumes, scenery, lighting and face paint or tattoos, if they were needed.

All this in the movie starring Rome Cohen, one of the oxbow lakes located at Sydmar Lodge. Turns into David Bowie on the album cover “Aladdin Sane’ (1973), the woman appears worsted style singer in the English language, in the foreground in front of the camera, and with my eyes closed. Of course, with the known beam through his left eye.

Sheila Solomon, another local resident, was the inspiration for the famous image on the cover of The Clash for the album “London Calling” (1979). In this case, the woman appears going to run your staff into the ground, as he did with his guitar (Paul Simon during a concert in new York, in the time that remained at all, on the cover of the third album of the punk band.

Recently the cover of the Lily, or Vera, which mimic Madonna and Adele in his unforgettable works ‘True Blue” (1986) and “Adele 21’ (2011). This photo is more simple than the previous one, in which the most important to reproduce the gestures of artists (managed for these oxbow lakes), and read more: adaptation of the graphic arts, as securities in this case, praying “Lilyonna” instead of Madonna and “Faith 93” instead of Adele’s 21.

The project to make them happy

“I did a project to make them happy and I think for the family in each model that I use, even the grandchildren publish pictures of their grandparents”, who said to local media Speker, which guarantees that, as “the coronavirus is a problem to be signed for a long time I want, at least this is a good time.”

Entertainment, which also supports animated on the computer whose work is to be careful, it is important for seniors and their families, but require physical effort and mental health, the pandemic demonstrated, as never before. On the occasion, they also participated maybe some teachers are still members of the “Queen” in his historic album, “Queen II” (1974). Also here the title was changed to refer to them.

Because of all this, coordinator of that at other times recreo with the elders tea salon at the Ritz left in the evening, feeling like guests of the legendary hotel, which you already have, and new ideas in mind will certainly bring, what to say and causing applause.