The physical transformation from Adele inspired other Hollywood stars


The physical aspect Adele him from the beginning of their musical career for over 10 years in a variety of critical and although at the moment did not pay attention this year to the surprise of all, in the version updated figure. The British singer has passed strict workout plan and new diet, which has lost more than 45 pounds, a transformation that inspires more Hollywood like Rebel Wilson.

Comic origin in Australia, who gained international fame with his role girls puffy tape “Pitch Perfect” was announced recently that after this film, their heads put a lot of pressure to remain Christian. “I had a job where I have to pay a lot of money for me, ‘thick’, sometimes that can be a mess to your head”, he admitted in an interview with the Sun.

Method of dietitians, is that you’ll need diet is designed to activate what they call the gene “skinny”, intended for foods that increase the level of a specific protein in the body that helps to regulate metabolism. These proteins are called sirtuinas, hence the name of the famous diet, which, according to his supporters, if you literally can lose up to 3.5 kg for seven days.

Currently Rebel Wilson I decided to change the appearance you have always dreamed of and the beginning of 2020 with a clear goal: “farewell, a few pounds and improve lifestyle. In fact, social media is the perfect place to see how changing from the beginning of this new route. “I’ll try to avoid sugar and fast foods, it will be difficult after the holidays, but I’m going to do it. Who’s with me to make some positive changes this year?”, helps translator in January.

The Australian actress admitted that nothing was simple but gave good signs of progress, losing more than 20 pounds. “Some days are very frustrating, I want to give you, are you bothered by the lack of progress, but good things come,” wrote recently in a way that displays her back in a sign of victory all the efforts that have been taken within the last six months.



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