The son of Rafael Caro Quintero, the Olympic Games


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Rafael Caro Quintero it was one of the drug traffickers most sought-after and most dangerous of his time. Dubbed as the “narco of narcos”, is currently a fugitive from justice in Mexico. But his family the blood of athletes, since one of their children was part of the group of the Mexican representative in the The Olympic Games.

It is Hector Rafael Caro Eleneswho is featured rider in Jalisco and has participated in competitions-state, national, and international.

Caro Elenes is one of the Guadalajara Jockey Club, regularly attending events of the Club Riding-Jaliscoamong other capabilities. In addition, it was registered in the Equestrian Federation MexicanAgency approval of their participation in the national tournaments.

Among its holdings more outstanding finds the gold medal at the central American and Caribbean Gamesheld in Colombia in 2006, where Caro jumps on teams won in the category.

He was also the winner of the Classical riding school of Jalisco in 2010, the annual tournament of the Colonel celebrates Vicente Mendoza, the founder of the club. Finally, Caro Elenes was one of the Mexican representatives for the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing.

In the year 2013, announced by the DEA, the Department of the Treasury of the United States included Hector Rafael Caro Elenes, his three brothers and his mother, in the list of those in the illegal activities of his father.




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