The Supreme leader of Iran, save the country calls “” from the covid-19


The Supreme leader of Iran calls for

President Hassan Rouhani said this weekend that the country can’t afford to close the business, even if the deterioration of the pandemic.


The the Supreme leader of Iran he called the Sunday “a real tragedy” the regrowth the Epidemic the covid-19 and asked Iranian that Respect the slogans health for stop the progression the Epidemic and “save the country”.

The Islamic Republic Ofannounced , the the first cases the coronavirus in Februarythe distance The country is the hardest hit, by the Pandemic in In The Middle East.

That everyone should contribute his grain to the best way to break the chain of transmission, which is transmitted in the short term and save the country,” said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in a meeting electronically with the deputies, according to excerpts from his speech, through your office.

This is the first speech of the Supreme leader, deputies in the new Parliament, in office at the end of may, dominated by conservative and reactionary, and after the General elections in February.

According to the official website, Khamenei, the medical staff praised for their “victims,” and criticized “some people (that) do not correspond even to prevent something as simple as bring facial wipes”, the spread of the virus, and their behavior will occur, he said, “shame on you”.

The epidemic of covid-19 is in full growth from the beginning of may in Iran.

According to official data, on Sunday in the last 24 hours 194 deaths and 2 thousand were recognized in 186 infectious.

Iran reports 257 EUR 303 thousand cases and 12 thousand 829 people killed by the pandemic, said on Sunday Sima Sadat Lari, a spokesman for the Ministry of health.

In March, Iran decided to close schools, cancel public events, and prohibited the transport of the 31 provinces, but starting in April, the government raised gradually, the restrictions to try to revive the economy.

President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that the country cannot afford to close the business, even if the deterioration of the pandemic.

Iran has to continue its “activities in economic, social and cultural preservation of the health protocols,” said Rouhani in a meeting of the Commission for health was broadcast on television.

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