The virologist in china ensures that your country, and WHO over the log COVID-19


The virologist accused of “corruption” and collusion with the government of China, a hypothesis that the US President, Donald Trump, characterized since the beginning of the pandemic.

Yan was given to the interviewed, Fox, the darling of the representatives, and over the years it has wings to theories of conspiracy.

Efe was able to verify independently the accuracy of the claims of Yan’s.

The WHO has denied the allegations of the virologist and told Fox that “a lot of people to work for them as a consultant” but does not prove any data that Yan, as she says, it is a reference laboratory organization specializing in viruses and pandemics.

The who said on Fox that also has in its files, data, on Poon, supervisor of Yan.

From the beginning of the pandemic, the 12.7 million people are infected worldwide and more than 565 700 thousand have lost their lives, according to a separate census of the Johns Hopkins University.

With information from EFE