The virologist in china, fled the tells US that lied to his country to COVID-19


The the virologist china’s Li-Meng Yan,, the flea in April United States Of Americaensures that your country lied about the Corona Virus, and since last December I knew about the ease with which the COVID-19 to transmit from person to person.

Yan made these statements in an interview on Friday with the string conservative and Fox, which were also of numbers, the local media until today.

The virologist, who said the work in the College of Public Health of Hong Kong, that the Chinese government knew of the danger posed by the SARSCoV-2 in front of the 31. December Report the World Health organization (WHO), the outbreak in the Chinese region of Wuhan.

In addition, Yan told, that the investigation of the virus in December from Hong Kong began and was in contact with other virologists in the mainland of China and had more information about the virus.

Allegedly found out that the virus is transmitted very quickly between people, something that was still unknown, and reported their results to the doctor, and Leo Poonan alleged businessman who hid his research and asked to be silent, hinting that he could lose the life.

“He has asked me to be quiet and to be careful. Not the red line, which is not to say that he was speaking against the procedure of the government of China and not against their principles. If not, would I could, getting in trouble and ‘disappearance'”, said Yan to Fox.

The Virologist throws the WHO of “corruption” and with the complicity of the Chinese government, on the assumption that the US President, Donald Trump, has flagged since the beginning of the pandemic.

Yan was given to the interviewed, Fox, the darling of the representatives, and over the years it has wings to theories of conspiracy.

Efe was able to verify independently the accuracy of the claims of Yan’s.

The WHO has denied the allegations of the virologist and told Fox that “a lot of people to work for them as a consultant” but does not prove any data that Yan, as she says, it is a reference laboratory organization specializing in viruses and pandemics.

The who said on Fox that also has in its files, data, on Poon, supervisor of Yan.

From the beginning of the pandemic, the 12.7 million people are infected worldwide and more than 565 700 thousand have lost their lives, according to a separate census of the Johns Hopkins University in the USA.

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