Trump criticized section of the border wall to Mexico


President Donald Trump criticized this Sunday a part of the boundary, the wall on the border with Mexico, which was erected by private individuals in South Texas, the signs of erosion to months.

The representative said that “only did it to make me look bad”, despite the fact that it was financed by his followers.

The organization that We Build the wall (We built the wall, he began his campaign in December 2018 and has since then, 25 million dollars, while it will be announced, as a group, supported by the representatives of the Republicans.

The old strategist of Trump, Steve Bannon, is part of the management of the group and the allies of the representative, Kris Kobach, is their general counsel.

The company, that is built, that the route in January, Fisher Industries, with headquarters in North Dakota, won a contract of one thousand 300 million dollars from the Federal government for the construction of the border wall, the largest concession to date.

The section in question is a fence, which is about 5 kilometers (3 miles) of steel bars, which is only 10 meters (35 feet) of the rio Grande or Bravo, which forms the border between the United States and Mexico in Texas.

Trump tweeted on Sunday in response to a report by ProPublica-the Texas Tribune, to gnaw began on the banks of the river.

“I didn’t agree with doing this very small section of the wall, in a difficult field, the of a private group that earns money with advertising,” wrote Trump. “Did it just to make me look bad, and maybe now is not work at all. Should have been built like the rest of the wall, more than 500 miles”.

Tommy Fisher, general manager of Fisher Industries, said on Sunday that the President “is simply incorrect information received” and have “absolute respect” for the trombone.

Fischer confirmed that there was some erosion in the ground in front of the fence, caused by the rain and the natural flow of the river, but the other parts are intact.

“The wall will remain for 150 years, think of my words,” said the fisherman.

The experts and the people who live and work in the vicinity of the property have warned that the building floods so close to the river or a break in the fence. In addition, a Binational Commission discovered earlier this year that the project violates the international obligations of the United States, and asked the company to make changes.

Another contract of $ 400 million, the Fisher industry in the last year of the review, the inspector general of the Department of Defense is won.



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