We go in front of a pandemic, and the economic fall-out: Lopez Obrador


We go in front of a pandemic, and the economic fall-out: Lopez Obrador

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The President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, he called on the citizens to gain their freedom, and to revive the economy, in spite of the fact that the epidemic covid-19 it is still available.

Through his message of Sunday, the Mexican head of state said that the 32 Federal entities increases were reported in only 9 of them in the number of infections, so it is false ensures that the conservative press and tabloids, that Mexico is on the list of first five countries in the world with the highest number of deaths due to new disease, hated with “comparisons”.

President López Obrador claimed that the epidemic in Mexico is to low and you will have no problems with the saturation of beds in hospitals.

I would like to convey is that the report is positive, it is good, the conclusion is that the pandemic goes down, you lose intensity, a presentation was made, and of the 32 States, in only 9 there is an increase in hiv infections; in 23 States of the Republic, there is a decrease, it goes to the poor,” said to disclose, in the report of the Secretary of the Federal office of public health and the Mexican Institute for Social security on Friday after his visit to the United States.

Lopez Obrador emphasized that it is based on this report, can ensure that Mexicans who go to the front against the pandemic, and that is why it is necessary, “without authoritarianism”, the move into the new reality, from the exit to the street “with concern”.

We have our freedom to regain, to go on the road, if necessary; if in the street, we find the life, because we have to leave, if there are those who sell jelly, if you sell bread, that’s what you live, because you have to leave a life to make, and how to get on the road? Well, careful, caring, what can we do with a healthy distance, not agrupándonos, not so many people are on the Board so that there was no transmission of the virus”, the President stressed that the decision is up to each person to act responsibly in regard to hygiene measures to contain the virus.

In the message, the President his respect and his admiration for the Secretary of state Hugo Lopez-Gatell, one of which, he said, reaffirmed that the campaign against them suffers from a slander.

He argued that the epidemic of covid-19 in Mexico, was not triggered, as you expected your opponent, for example, in the United Kingdom for each of the deceased in Mexico, you have 2.4 deaths; in Spain, they all died, our, 2.2 dead; in the case of France, for each of the deceased our 1.6 of them unfortunately: in the case of the United States for each of the deceased in Mexico, it is 1.5, in the United States, in Brazil, for each deceased in Mexico, 1.2 in the brother country, noted the President, with the base said in a study of various universities in the world.

In the matter of the economic recoverythe President said that the 4-million loan, referred to help of the population, have already been passed, a million 423 thousand 768 of them.; in addition, the majority of the resources for the next 4 months, distributed to the people of the third age.

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