What did he say? Ricardo Montaner Evaluna Camila scolded and in Instagram


MEXICO. Driver With Permission Pepillo Origelcommon access to videos, books and a raffle of all his fans. So, this time he has published in his Instagram a delicious recipe of pasta. In the video you can see the short-sleeved shirts in colors, and distinctive smile. Of course, do not miss the opportunity to advertise their brand of wine and said that the pasta was combined perfectly.

The author of the Mexico tried to be a very good girl in this whole quarantine for what was left in his apartment almost every day, with the exception of those that must be represented in the program Today. So you have to be very creative, as in the whole population, in order not to go crazy these days. For photos, admitted that his remedy for these difficult days was Tom and Jerry, favorite “children.

Recipe pasta of Papilio

As already mentioned, the driver on the video, the recipe was invented because of him. The process is very simple, and the following ingredients: onion, herbs, thin, Bay leaf, vegetable oil, salt to taste, garlic, coriander, chili pepper, shrimp, sweet pepper, tomato sauce, juice, magui, olive oil and mussels.

For cooking pasta, you need to put in water to boil. After logging in boiling, you have something to add to it a slice of onion, herbs, thin, Bay leaf, butter, salt to taste and, of course, pasta to your preference. While cooking, you can go cook in another pan sauce.

The first thing you need to do to make the sauce, pour into the pan with spray oil. When hot, put frying the peppers dry for a while to change the taste, and then when the pepper is already the gold color, what to choose. After you add components in the following order: onion, garlic, coriander, juice, magui, tomato sauce (for pasta), black pepper, clams and finally the shrimp.

Origel is recommended to cover the pan while the sauce is cooking, and when he is ready, dining on pasta. His supporters point out, really happy with the recipe and those who tried it, said it was delicious. Among the positive reviews there his girlfriend Telma EN who ate with him: “Well, I went, fortunately, test it, and it was great! Thank you, compartirme!”.