Chase Hudson, was Charlie D Amelio apologizes to fans


Although not so seemingly friendly, in (ex) favorite pair of TikTok after a few days the scandal. There are those who called the incident ‘a Revelation tiktoker’, but the water seems to be subsided in the last hours with the confession of one of the characters.

We’re talking of course about Charlie D Amelio, and it means that pulls from chase Hudsonand both asked on another page to get the box white. Rumors pointed to it one of the infidelity he and Nessa Barrettnothing , the end, come as a.

Charlie released several tweets about the situation, including the ratio of power put Hudson to say that he was married when he kissed her Instagram. “You don’t have to come home without me, said”explained celebrity TikTok messages already deleted.

After a series of passes cross Chase broke his silence“I know I haven’t been active online for a long time, but I wanted to take a few minutes to apologize for the way things are lately“- said story in Instagram.

“It would lead to this problem privatein Autonomous mode. I said sorry, Charlie, I talked to ‘Sway boys’. Already fixed, but wasn’t supposed to happen. I, as a man, creceré, and I want to be an example for all.”

This is a clear indication the statements of Charlie last weekwhen assured feel “culprit” of this situation. “We took all so immature, and I include in this,” said D Amelio, who, let’s not forget, was 16 years old. “Never had eiri online, and it breaks my heart and makes me feel guilty, knowing that he was wrapped up in it“.

Confessions of Charlie with “not news”, and explain your feelings in these moments: “I told everything to feel better, but now I know that’s not right.”