Coronavirus. Conference daily about the situation in Mexico, July 13,


In the conference, Hugo Lopez-Gatell Reports that there are 304 thousand 435 cases of the coronavirus and 35 EUR 491 thousand deaths, in order for a call to the population to go to the doctor confirms, if you have symptoms, as well as to avoid, give kisses and hugs.

He also stated that the risk of complications from the disease that is especially in people chronic diseases:

“The coronavirusin two out of ten people at risk of complicated has, in General, these people older than 60 years, are chronic diseases and the use of immunosuppressive medication,” said the official.

To be beds available to meet covid-19

29 thousand 663 there are 16 thousand 391 and 13 thousand and 272 are used. The States with the highest hospital occupancy for beds in the General care of are: Nuevo León, Tabasco, and Nayarit.

Beds with a fan, have an occupancy of 5 to 908 thousand, 3 thousand 751 available. Be Nuevo León, and Tabasco the States that top the list of the highest occupancy of these beds.

Coronavirus at the state level

Hugo Lopez-Gatell he referred to the national situation coronavirus at the state level.

  • AguascalientesThe cases have been waning, and the basic number of reproduction, came under 1.
  • Baja California: Mexicali is the area that has increased activity of the corona virus, the reproduction numbers are less than one.
  • BCS: The state has active transmission and still not be reached, but his curve is on the decline.
  • Campeche: For control before the pandemic, probably one of the first States to control, they of the progress is in its entirety, as positive.
  • ChiapasThe community action in Chiapas has been effective and represents a progressive reduction suffered.
  • Chihuahua: Your average number of new hiv infections has remained, under one whole month.
  • Coahuila: The border area is the one that provides the most cases of the coronavirus.
  • Colima: During the month of June has not been download a but still.
  • CdMx: Is there a pattern of sustained decrease has presented during several weeks.
  • DurangoAlmost half of the municipalities no cases of covid-19.
  • GuanajuatoYou have not achieved that the transmission reaches the bottom, so that Lopez-Gatell a call to the population, of the Person to cooperate with the state.
  • Warrior: A good acceptance of the transfer.
  • Hidalgo: The rural areas of the state of those who have less cases of coronavirus are.
  • JaliscoThe cases of a control in the unit, to the Lopez-Gatell what is the result of the good work of the state.
  • State of MexicoThe municipalities conurbados presented a downward trend in terms of the activity of the corona virus.
  • Michoacán: The state has not reached a full stop the transmission of cases of the coronavirus.
  • MorelosEven if the reproduction number goes down, the unit achieved a control of the transmission.
  • Nayarit: The state of the transmission is important, with the exception of two municipalities.
  • Nuevo Leon: There are some municipalities that do not have a transmission. In mid-June, the state, an increase in the cases presented.
  • Oaxaca: The reproduction number of cases in the device is significantly reduced.
  • PueblaThe state has inconsistencies in relation to the stabilization of infections.
  • Querétaro: The company a facility in the rate keeps expected, which is 1.0.
  • Quintana RooThe highest transmission is concentrated in Othón and the reproduction number of the cases presented a regrowth of hair.
  • San Luis Potosi: The cases are concentrated in the centre and in the South-East of the state.
  • SinaloaIn all communities there are cases of coronavirus, and in the middle of June, tabled by the state, a decrease in the number of base-playback.
  • Sonora: Has a patch distribution of the transmission in the municipalities, with the coastal ones, which the majority of the cases.
  • Tabasco: Has municipalities with an important cases of the transmission.
  • TamaulipasThe company presents a significant activity in the transfer.
  • Tlaxcala: It has scattered a pattern in the function of the gearbox.
  • VeracruzDuring the state of the transmission of cases.
  • Yucatan: The transmission has scattered, still active in the company and in relation to the number of the transmission, away from you to go to the one that the state, the number two has.
  • ZacatecasSome municipalities are already not present transfer of cases, however, in mid-June, is presented in a rebound that caused that Person even approach the number one.

Light from the corona virus will remain in force

Hugo Lopez-Gatell he mentioned that the validity of the traffic light coronavirus will continue to be updated, so that 17 States are in orange and the other 15, in red.

Orange is the color of the traffic light

The Color orange in the light of the epidemiological, this is, in fact, in almost all of Mexico city, in addition to the economic activities of major companies of non-core functions to work with the 30 per cent of the personnel for the operation.

With this light, the hotels You will have a total employment of 50 per cent, and the common areas can be opened, as well to 50 percent.

Parks and community spaces to be able to 50 percent of their total capacity, repeated her re-opening, so that you can perform some physical activities, not more, to hold meetings in the places.

The Supermarkets You can up to 75 per cent of its capacity, so that the entry to one per person, per family, unless the need the income of two members due to family conditions, personal or health.

Mass and discos shows continue, be stopped.




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