EU carries out first-run Federal government in 17 years


The government of United States Of America made on Tuesday first-run Federal government in nearly two decades: a man killed Family of Arkansas in the 1990s, as part of a conspiracy to build up a nation only for white people in the North West of the country.

The execution was made, despite the objections of the family of the victims.

Daniel Lewis Lee, 47, of Yukon, Oklahoma, died by lethal injection in the state prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

“I don’t have it,” Lee said just before it is executed. “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I’m not a murderer… kill a innocent man”.

“Law and order,” Trump said in a message on his Twitter to make account shortly after the known decision of the Supreme court give free rein to the executions.

The authorities at the Federal prison in Terre Haute (Indiana) ran Daniel Lewis Lee, a exsupremacista sentenced white in 1999, torture and murder in 1996 of three members of a family, whose body he threw into a lake in Arkansas.

The decision to go forward with the execution, the first of the Bureau of prisons since 2003, produces a strong control of civil rights groups and the families of the victims Lee, filed a lawsuit to try to stop him, citing fears of the coronavirus.

She argues that Lee is worthy of a life sentence, is not executed. They stressed that the coacusado Lee and the alleged leader of the group, Chevie Kehoe, was awarded life imprisonment.

Critics argue that the government was the creation of an emergency, you will not.for political purposes before the elections in November

“The government has tried, for these designs, despite the fact that it said a lot of unanswered questions about the legality of the new Protocol for the execution”, Shawn Nolan, one of the lawyers for several men prior to the implementation of the Federal government.

The execution of Lee, who was declared dead at 8:07 in the morning, ended after a series of salvos legal, which ended when the U.S. Supreme Court intervened in the early Tuesday in a ruling of 5-4, and allowed to go forward, overturning a suspension ordered by a court of first instance.

29. June had the Supreme court refused to block the execution of four prisoners in Federal prisons, which are scheduled for this month and for August, the first of them that of Daniel Lee Lewis.


The attorney General of the United States, William Barr, was ordered last year to open the Federal Bureau of prisons, the program executions.

The last execution of Federal government before, that Lewis Lee had taken place in 2003, and today are sentenced to 61 prisoners, the death penalty by the Federal government, according to the Center for information on the death penalty (DPIC, for its acronym in English).

Among them, condemned the bomb attacks on the Boston marathon 2013, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev; and Dylann roof, sentenced to death for the murder of nine members of the community of African-Americans in a Church in Charleston, South Carolina, in the year 2015, although both are in the process of legal action.

The resumption of the application of the Federal death penalty contrasts with the trend registered in the United States in recent years, with the progressive reduction of the versions, the concentrated increasingly in the United conservatives of the South of the country.

In fact, some States have abolished the death penalty, until the 22 of the 50 in the country.

The last Colorado was exposed to was in March.

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After the government of Donald Trump announced the return of the death penalty at the Federal level, the Union of American Civil Liberties (ACLU, English) criticized the decision, to ensure that the Department of Justice is “again on the wrong side of history.”

“The Federal system, the death penalty does not work and is racist is the ineffective and cruel ( … ), and this decision gives us back the country decades ago,” he said in a statement.

The DPIC, which collects information on the death penalty, said that “since 1973, more than 160 people were accused wrongly and sentenced to death, in the United States have been published in the result”.

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