Gigi Hadid shows why she is hiding her pregnancy, You are confused by their changes?


In April of last year it became known that the model Gigi Hadid and your partner Zayn Malikexpecting it first childbut since the news came out, the specialist did not shown his pancita in social networks.

Despite the fact that top model he remained active in social networks, it’s never been any photographs of us, where the curious could view it from pancita pregnancyon the other hand, obviously trying to cover the entire coast of this area of the body.

Speculation went on about the situation, and there are media reports which claim that sister Bella Hadid has already agreed on a photo shoot in an exclusive any international journal, which receives a substantial amount of money.

Gigi Hadid, What Hides your child?

Many of his disciples asked through social networks, if you are hiding your pregnancy, on the orders of his partner because, in addition, do not show your body, people, their environment, and he answered that he saw nothing of its change using various strategies as emojis in the photos.

It was a case of recent publications, his close friend Lei McCarthy, who posteo series of photos of the expectant mother, but strategically place big emoji stories, in the abdomen of the model.

Did that fanatics explode from a specialist, because they provide the famous hid the child, he did that Gigi Hadid was tweet to recognize the true reason for the secrecy of her pregnancy.

“I’m happy and proud to show it when I don’t want any, thanks.” Was part of the model words.

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However, he said that now shared and we are experiencing this time with family and friends, and I didn’t feel the need to show the world the process.