In a surreal remake of ‘the Princess bride’ combines great actors in Hollywood | Film and Television


My name is Íñigo Montoya, you killed my my father, prepare to die!“. If you don’t understand this sentence, without a doubt, you’ve lost one of the iconic movies the most followers in the world The Princess bride. William Goldman customize your very own novel where romantics, lovers in a fairy tale, pirates, swordsmen and phrases that passed into posterity like this.

The film Rob Reiner happened with a budget of $ 16 million and received at the box office, almost twice during its launch in 1987. Now already a classic movie, who organized Carey Elvis and Robin Wright.

For those nostalgic who remember with special love the film, it will be a great news to know that was recorded a remake of the very special. Jason Reitman he was the Director of the film, home, key, parody, which seems made without any budget nor special effects. So fixed, however, from participation in the cast of stars and social obligations, all of them.

This initiative Quibi, the platform on which we can see ten parts Movie: the Princess bride. The benefits to be derived Iran to World Central Kitchen, which has already received one hundred thousand meals to feed the victims Covid-19.

Among the many actors and Actresses who have joined this crazy film industry Adam Sandler, Joe Jonas, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Garner, Neil Patrick Harris, Jack Black, Sophie Turner, Hugh Jackman, Elijah Wood, Don Johnson, Pedro Pascal, Finn Wolfhard, Diego Luna, Charlize Theron, Bryan Cranston, John Malkovich or Joey King”.

Also joined some of those who took part in the ribbon, original, from the main character, who got into the skin Humperdink.

And points more sentimental, put the appearance of the father, Director, Zollwhich is now in its last interpretation, because he recorded it in the scene before death.