Jeff Bezos shown for the first time with Katy Perry and Lil X Us in a concert to thousands of Amazon employees


The richest man in the world, took part in the backstage with Katy Perry and rapper Lil Us-Those during a concert for your company, on Tuesday in Seattle.

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21, 2019

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This story originally appeared on Business Insider

CEO Amazon, Jeff Bezosspent my Tuesday night events Katy Perry and Lil Us X.

Bezos is the richest man in the world, appeared in photos together at the two stars that were presented at the concert after conducting Prime Day 2019 Amazon, which took about 45,000 employees in Seattle.

Shared photo in Instagram Perry showed a trio of hands, called: “I am the PRIME Day of my life”.

Photo: Katy Perry via Instagram

During a concert in CenturyLink Field, home Seattle Seahawks, Perry performed the song “Never Really Over” live for the first time. “I’ve never sung the next track audience,” he said.

Bezos then put on a jacket graffiti Lil X We used to act in concert, as she posed for photos that he and Lil X We shared in Instagram.

Photo: Jeff Bezos via Instagram

This is not the first time that Bezos is mixed with the stars this month after it was photographed on model Karlie Kloss, ” and others in superyate of ownership of the billionaire David Geffen.

During the concert, Bezos got up on stage to introduce Perry, and he used this point to thank employees for their hard work and say that so quickly grew the company over the past two decades.

“I remember that just over 20 years, he carried all the packages on e-mail. It was not so long ago. And when I look at this crowd, I’m amazed at what you are doing,” he said.

“Not only in Prime Daybut for every day. Curiosity, passion, hard work, all I see when working with you, it is amazing to me, and it’s impressive. So thank you very much”.

Comments Bezos is particularly important because the company was subject to a thorough analysis in connection with the appeal, which has provided its employees in recent years, in particular in its shops, which are crucial for that Prime Day to happen.

In 2016, the journalist was hidden, as an employee at a warehouse in the UK and spoke about how staff orinaban in the bottle because I was afraid that the breaks to go to the toilet, lowers their productivity. Several employees of the Bank, and then confirmed this intense work environment, Business Insiderand added that the camera constants that were in place led to the fact that employees will feel like “robots”.

In recent years, some members used Amazon Prime Day as a moment to protest against the company. In the edition of 2019, hundreds of people have turned to social networks to attract a boycott against Amazon in the period of sales. Urged consumers not to buy Deluxe Prime Day and show solidarity with the thousands of employees who planned to protest against the increase in wages and better working conditions.