Jennifer Lopez and Maluma announce collaboration music



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If you’re a fan of rhythm, Latin, then of course it’s an ad you’ll appreciate, because of two great personalities will combine their efforts to please their supporters and new music. It cooperation music between Jennifer Lopez and reguetonero Colombia Malumait is that, in the end, to publicly announce on their social networks. This is not surprising, because we both worked together in the movie.

Jennifer Lopezwhich this year coincided with another Colombian, Shakira, Show the Average Time to the Super Bowl and the singer, who brought Paul to the city worldwide Maluma officially announced they work together on a new songalthough it is not yet known the details of this juicy collaboration.

The announcement was made by publishing some photos in their Instagram accounts, which you can see them smiling with pencil and paper in hand.

“This class I like…. Who believe that it is stupid and who is smart two?”, question, Maluma, and then release the message: “Oh siii… we record bomb”.

For his part, Lopez shared in the same social network that seems part of a letter to the new song, which you are preparing: “whatever happened to ‘toy PA ti”. And he brought his message to millions of her followers: “are you ready?”

This cooperation could become part of the soundtrack for the romantic Comedy Marry mestarring Lopez, in which Maluma is one of her fans. The film, which was shot during the quarantine, still has no release date.

The artist has already assumed that this movie will have the original song and said that in the early years with Jimmy Fallon, which includes a few songs, Maluma another pair.




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