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Police in Ventura County (California, United States. USA.) this was confirmed after the death of actress Naya Rivera, after identifying his body in the lake, where he disappeared on Friday, when out of view with a child.

Sheriff bill Ayub, explained at a press conference that he “believes” that the body is placed meets actress “, depending on the place where was found, the characteristics of the clothing and physical condition.”

This morning when I started the sixth day of the search, authorities said that they saw the body near the surface that did not behave the vest, which was later defined as “Riviera”, which could not find the environment on the lake, North of Los Angeles.

According to the Sheriff has no crime or suicide”, so the hypothesis remains in the case.

Rivera, origin, Puerto Rico, and popular to appear on TV Glee, rento boats for families with a child 4 years the first hour late, but if neither of you returned, the second ship was smaller, only sleeping on the boat with a life jacket.

From that moment came the alarm, after which more than 80 specialists, tried to save (the first time) and recovery (after) the body of the operation for which were used divers devices and sound brush, given the poor visibility under water in the pond.

Although it is not known the reasons why a river drowned, the Police have evidence of a child who was injured and said he went sailing with his mother, who was not wearing a vest, and never returned.

In the boat found vest adult size without the use of Webcams and security cameras Lake Piru, the stock 500 ha made when mother and son came out on the deck, something that was done earlier.

“She had the experience, looking at this lake,” said Sergeant Ventura days ago.

The lake in which the river disappeared in the woods of the National Parents, a popular vacation spot 90 miles from Los Angeles, which attract numerous guests, for swimming, practicing water sports and to organize a tent city.

However, vegetation and depth of water slowed the search and prevented the divers worked at night.


Just this morning, several colleagues of the shares of the TV show Glee they have banded together with family actress to pray for the actress on the lake.

Rivera became a very popular television role as Santana Lopez in the musical series (2009-2015), which quickly developed into a mass phenomenon.

For fans of science fiction Ryan Murphy recalled the tragic events of some players this format.

The first of these was the main character in the series, Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson), whose body was found in 2013 in Vancouver. The death of the actor, only 31 years old, caused by abuse of psychoactive substances, including alcohol and heroin.

Five years later, mark salling, who gave life to heroes Noah Fabric and the one who came out of the river for some time, committed suicide after the absolute center of the subject that was convicted of child pornography and violation of expareja.

Last year instagram ill-treatment by Blake Jenner (Ryder Lynn in Gleeit expareja and distribution of the series, Melissa Benoist (Marley Rose).


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