Loret de Mola, bought a luxurious Department 15 mp in Miami


The journalist Julio C. Roa revealed that Carlos Loret de Mola, bought in 2010, a department in Miami, with a value of 15 million pesos

Official IMSS column Loret de Mola is deceptive

Regeneration, 13. July 2020. The journalist Julio C. Roa showed in his Youtube channel ‘The Voice’ July’ that the controversial Carlos Loret de Mola, with its headquarters in a tax haven, a Department that bought it in Miami, with an approximate value today of 15 million pesos.

Even the apartment is located in the same complex, in which the former Secretary for Public security, Genaro Garcia Luna, to be acquired.

“Carlos Loret bought this Department since 2010. Already knew a little, to convey that Garcia Luna had made of the properties in Miami and as neighbors of Garcia Luna and his Partner, never bother, what I have shown, that Garcia Luna and his Partner are the owners of the 32 properties in the state of Florida, and many of those properties, at least five are in the same housing estate, where Carlos Loret de Mola has a Department,” explains the journalist.

Registered Department in the British Virgin Islands

Highlights de Mola Loret paid cash for the Department and registered in the British Virgin Islands by a company called Bedfordbury group.

“It is a tax haven, is a small island of 400 thousand registered companies, the majority of them are paper companies are letter-box companies,” says Julio Roa.

In addition, he says that he found out that this property belongs to Loret de Mola, because the payment of taxes is the name of his wife.

It also highlights that half of the companies that have been discovered, reported in the scandal of the Panama papers in this tax haven.

Latinus was based in a tax haven

Julio C. Roa, says Loret de Mola recorded a project in a different tax haven, the state of Delaware, as the by the American authorities.

It was recorded in January 13, 2020, the company Latinus Media Group.

In this sense, Roa indicates that Delaware may not be identified with about 300 thousand registered companies, and their owners.