Naya Rivera: demi Lovato, Ricky Martin, Bebe Rexha… In show business mourns his death | Film and Television


On the night of July 14, we know the tragic result of the disappearance of Naya Rivera. California authorities in Ventura County confirm that a body without life discovered in lake Piru was missing, the actress from Glee. This time was a cataract of reactions, hundreds of artists, actors and Actresses, musicians and entertainment people like Demi Lovato, Ricky Martin, Bebe Rexha and many others that are crying the death of the performer.

Some of his colleagues from the wanted to break up via social networks. “Rest, sweet Naya. You, all power to you. Love and peace for your family”, you can read on Twitter Jane Lynch (sue Sylvestor in the Choir). “So much pain today. Thank you for your love and your connection. Abrazándolos all very much. Family is for life” – wrote Vanessa Lengies (sugar Motta in the series). “Naya, can extrañará much.” In its architecture, the actor added an emoji of a broken heart and smiles in a sad face” on Twitter Josh Sussman (Jacob Ben Israel in Glee).

“How can you convey the love and respect for someone in publishing? How can you sum up ten years of friendship and laughter only words? If you were a friend, Naya Rivera, you just can’t. Its fun and the humor was invincible. Her beauty and talent was of another world. She told the truth to the authorities with panache and without fear. It can turn a bad day great, day, with only one comment. She inspired and caused people not even to try. To be near her, was like a badge of honor as armor. Naya, really one of a kind, and always will be. Sent-all my love to his wonderful family and their beautiful son,” he wrote Player Chris colfer (Kurt Hummel in Glee).

In addition, all of his comrades in the party, thousands of stars and artists wanted to remember and honour the actress, unfortunately, died. Lea Michele, Viola Davis, Lili Reinhart, Max George… The Kingdom is in mourning after the death of a young man 33 years old.

Demi Lovato: “DEP Naya Rivera. Always with gratitude, the ability to interpret the girl in the Choir. The character you made, was revolutionary for t girls queer to close in the closet (like me at the time) and for girls queer is not closed, and your ambition and your achievements were inspiring for women of the Latin world. My heart is with all the family in this time.”

Ricky Martin: “Precious memories, boricua. DEP”.

Bebe Rexha: “This is a nightmare. I had the opportunity to dine with her immediately after the recording session that we did together, and it was absolute sweetness. My heart goes out to family and friends. Hope was lucky to find it again in heaven. Sinister. DEP Naya Rivera”

Lin-Manuel Miranda: “💔”

Becky G: “Precious” Naya Rivera. Rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. We will miss you and will never forget.”