Rosalia map Nike as a brand Ambassador


Nike continues to look for shapes in the world as well, which will help to promote their products. His last move is Rosalia, the artist, has received several awards “Grammy”.

Singer Rosalia, one of their songs has already been used to promote the campaign, Nike and FC Barcelona called ‘a football makes you stronger”, goes a step further. Is the latest addition to the company the Noise that wants to take advantage of their growing popularity.

“The future is not what you expect. Is that what you are doing,” Nike said in the video ortagonizado on Rosalia. The singer, who “invented a fresh sound to give it a modern tradition of flamenco, Spain. His music combines rituals, ancient songs and dances under the sounds of pop, electronic and hip-hop”.

“A thing of the past remix the future” – says the manufacturer of sports equipment. So he’s paying for advertising Nike Air Max 2090. The model, which follows the same pattern as the Rosalia. And does it, including “elements of Air Max, like a logo on the heel rubber and the disc type Air cassette is in absolutely”.

The artist himself shared in their social networks pictures Nike. As video as a few pictures calzando new Nike Air Max 2090. With almost 12 million followers on Instagram, Rosalia is one specialist. This is evidenced by the results of these publications, which exceeds $ 2 million. likes.

© Photo Rosalia Nike | Nike