The EU is preparing to help thousands of million of pesos to fight “antinarco’ in Mexico


The government of Donald Trump invested $ 47 million euros, the equivalent of slightly more than one billion pesos, to train in the year 2021, and to equip the security agencies and the police, the Mexicans in the fight against drug trafficking.

Next year’s budget for the drug control strategy of the office of the White house for the National policy of drug control, is the funding for a dozen of programs with the help of the police, the military, and the technique for the administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador “disrupt the activities of criminal organizations, TRANS-national companies and reducing the production and trafficking of heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine and other illegal drugs, including synthetic opioids”.

The project, currently under review, in the sense of the Congress of the United States, noting that these funds be used to “train and equip” to the Mexican authorities, security, as well as “identify and dismantle the” clandestine drug laboratories.

It is also the funds will be used to make the police and security forces in Mexico to interrupt drug production, including through the improvement of the eradication of plantations of poppy and the monitoring of precursor chemicals, fentanyl and other synthetic drugs, mainly from Asia.

It is planned, among other things, the strengthening of border security and the Mexican ports of entry, so that the application of the fiscal year of 2021 is looking to expand and increase the efficiency of the biometric of Mexico, to “the exchange of information between the police, army and immigration authority”, as well as with officials in the u. s. the resolution of the cartels.

The amount requested for the support of Mexico, contrasted with the prayers for Colombia, a country for which the document contains, for a budget of 204 million dollars, that is, four times more than what you think to reserve for our country.

Resources to special forces

In the other expenses in the framework of the national strategy for the fight against drugs for the year 2021 with respect to Mexico, Organized for the use of drugs in the fight against the cartels at the border is US $ 1.5 million for the Special Forces.

And of 94.9 million, the United States requested by the public Prosecutor’s office to support investigations and law enforcement in connection with drug smuggling. “Dealing with the sources of the supply of tourism has led to the criminal explains the legal persecution of members of the Mexican cartels” in the section.

In the text it is said that Mexico consumed is still “the main source for heroin in the United States” and beyond “is a strategic partner for the global spread of synthetic drugs”.

According to the authorities in the u. s., there are more than 28 thousand deaths were due to overdose in the United States of synthetic opioids in the year 2017, under which the fentanyl illegal, often mixed with cocaine or heroin, usually smuggled over the border by the Mexican cartels is included.

The strategic goal of the office for International Affairs, the narcotics and law enforcement section of the Department of State and to reduce the national security threats to the United States by criminal groups, ” which endanger the traffic in illegal drugs, border security, and feed the corruption.”

In accordance with the announcement of the course in the last few weeks, the request for assistance from the United States for the year 2021 is in favour of the unification of the country to stop with Mexico, the crisis of the opioids that you go through and has more deaths than the war in Vietnam.