The movie “She will beloved’ in the mind of Adam Levin


Adam Levine paid tribute to the lovely, Kelly Preston, who once starred in the video for Maroon 5.

This week the world woke up to the sad news that Kelly Preston died at the age of 57 years.

Kelly’s husband, John Travolta, showed in Instagram, who lost his life in battle two years due to breast cancer, and added that his wife “courageously love and support for many.”

Kelly appeared in several productions, films and television, including the movie From Dusk Till Dawn, Jerry Maguire ” and ” The Cat in The Hat.

Singer Adam Levine admitted touching tribute to the dead actress, who appeared in the video for Maroon 5.

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Kelly Preston in ‘She will beloved’

Kelly made a cameo in “She Will Be Loved’, the song 2004 Maroon 5. This is one of the most popular successes of the group.

In the video, Kelly and Adam are lovers of mystery. Adam goes with her daughter on display for Kelly, while the heroine is Kelly’s accident related the other person.

The lyrics tells about a Kelly who says:

I don’t mind spending every day
In addition to your corner in the pouring rain, on
Look for the girl with a smile, broken
Ask him if he wants to stay a while
And she will be loved she will beloved

‘She Will Be Loved” was received in June 2009 and has 552 million views on the day of publication.

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Adam Levine pays tribute to

Chief Executive Maroon 5, I have created my profile on Instagram to pay tribute to, touching, with the late actress.

He wrote:

“My first imaginary kiss … You extrañaremos Kelly. Will always have a special place in my heart.”

Fans and followers, positive emotional publication Adam and shared his memories of Kelly and songs in the “comments”section.

The observer wrote: “I remember. This song means a lot to me, and I thought it was incredibly beautiful.”

Another added: “My song and video favorite Maroon 5”.

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Tribute To Kelly

Many celebrities and fans have presented their respect for Kelly, and we go to the social network to share messages, full of love for the late actress and her family.

Actor Russell Crowe, star of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Chloe Bennett and Rita Wilson are just a few of the celebrities who were paid taxes.

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