Vaccine coronavirus. You will be in the year 2021: Imperial College London



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In front of the Pandemic coronavirus, covid-19, the countries in search of a solution for this disease took the lives of several people. Work in search of the vaccine. Now, Uk announced the deployment of a vaccine against the covid would of-19 in the first half 2021if the tests carried out currently by the Imperial College London to be successful, said on Sunday, one of the leading scientists in the research.

Professor Robin Shattock, who is leading the team in the development of a vaccine in the Imperial College the Londonsaid, that, if the research to “really good”, it would be enough doses available for the citizens of all the Uk.

He warned, however, that “there is no certainty” that one of the vaccines that are being developed currently resultsas this will be dependent on the degree of immunity needed to prevent infection.

“We expect that, if everything goes really well, will we get a response if (candidate vaccine) works at the beginning of next year and we have the infrastructure for the manufacture of this vaccine in all Uk“said Shattock in statements to the chain from the sky.

“Then, under the assumption that you have the funds to purchase this vaccine, we could implement it in all of the United Kingdom in the first half of next year, “he added.

At the end of June, the started prestigious University, to test their candidate vaccine in the first healthy, and up to now was vaccinated in approximately fifteen peoplein order to increase a number between 200 and 300 participants in the coming weeks.

As explained by Shattock, Scientists do not know what level of immunity a person needs, in order to prevent their spreadwhat is the prospect of success is “hard to predict”.

“If you will I suspect only a very small amount of immunity, that most of the vaccines that are developed will actually work, but if you have an immune response very strong or a certain quality of the immune response, we will see how you can exclude some of these candidates, “he said.

Although the University of Oxford is also done through the study of their own vaccine, think that could be for this September it is something that Shattock was “very optimistic” in part because of the decline in the number of hiv infections, the life in the Uk.

The expert further explained that as a “very low risk” the possibility of any of these vaccines work.

“I think we are very lucky to be in the Uk we have two very strong candidates, in the Imperial and in Oxfordand, therefore, we are pretty well locatedbut still there is no certainty that these two are working,” he said.