Venezuela initiates the mitigation of quarantine in three levels and offers “to ensure the implementation of measures”


Venezuela came in this Monday easing quarantined to prevent the spread of the pandemic from the coronavirus in three levels using the method of 7+7, the system variable limits within seven days of relief are the same, in the same period, but asked the population”, the use of funds” transferred.

“Our people have deliberately started this Monday, weeks of mitigation method of Venezuela, the 7+7 implemented by President Nicolas Maduro to protect the health of all and everything that allows the revival of the progressive sectors of the economy,” said Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, using his account on the social network Twitter.

“On the basis of existing lesions in COVID-19, this week, quantitative easing will be carried out in accordance with the three levels declared by the presidential Commission. Please our people to observe good personal and biological security,” he added.

So, the first level is a quarantine without a radical easing. Remains in the Zulia state and in all municipalities, checkpoints, as well as in municipalities, The Watcher (Merida) and cumaná (Sucre), because these areas will remain active different foci of infection.

The second level, in turn, suggests the inclusion of ten economic sectors according to the infographic, General Rodriguez. It is the construction sector, machinery, chemical industry, transportation, banks, hairdressers, clothing stores and shoes and various personal services. On this level are located in the Capital District and in the States of Carabobo and Tachira, Trujillo, Merida, United Kingdom, Bolivar, Aragua, Miranda, Sucre, Falcon, and Yaracuy Azoátegui.

Finally, the third level allows you to open 24 sectors of the economy as a whole and implemented in ten States in Venezuela: Amazonas, Barinas, Cojedes, Delta Amacuro, Guarico, Lara, Monagas, New Sparta, Portuguese and La Guaira. Among the sectors included in the ten above should be added in bookstores, cafes –services to carry these dry cleaning services, vets, several gyms, workshops or dentists.

However, Rodriguez moved that the Presidential Commission for the Control and Prevention COVID-19 reached a Mature assumption that Capital District and Miranda, including at the level of two quantitative easing back on the level of one of the quarantine radically.

According to the Vice-President, on Sunday and Monday, both registered a significant increase in the number of cases that the working group “expressed from the President to contain these two States to quarantine radical.”

In particular, agglomeration has 824 cases of coronavirus, 69 during the last 24 hours, while Miranda leads 556, 32 at the last day. Venezuela was on Monday, a total of 242 new cases of coronavirus and four deaths due to the disease, according to???. Thus, a country in the Caribbean has 9.707 positive, including 93 victims.