VIDEO: Sommer ray founded tanguita yellow, to do exercise, you All saw it!


Model and specialist, Sommer Ray won the Internet and social networks to your amazing anatomy. Girl loves to show off their best dance exercises, but, as usual, put on your micro bikini, as now, he used tanguita yellow and did not stop to see his back. WOW!

Sommer Ray at the age of 23 years is one of the models Instagram more influential. But behind the imposing physical person, which also attracts the audience, Sommer is that it is a great player. You can share in social networks, different video exercises, where one learns that it is very easy to stay in shape, even at home.

Young American 1.70 cm tall, he became famous for a non-existent platform Vine where he came in with his mother Shannon ray, who is also a star in social networks. But Sommer managed to emphasize its beauty and charm.

Sommer Ray in a little bikini

Now that is quarantined, the model of Sommer ray decided to share a variety of exercise videos to your Instagram account. And although some users, and even treatments Sommer, the majority falls into the social network, young is only to enjoy the life of a disciple with his scandalous video.

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With the help of a little bikini in yellow with a small strap, Sommer ray made some moves to strengthen the stomach, which is perfectly smooth, like the rest of the body. In addition, the specialist expressed their more than 24 million followers that this activity also helps smooth tan skin.

Sommer Ray, aged 23 years, it is also known as a great representative of the fitness life fitness. Due to the fact that this girl is very reserved for sport, had managed to obtain such a strong and huge back that lovers leave on their fans. And great legs and everything else is impressive body.



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