With a little pants leg, Salome Camargo shares a sensual dance


The film was recorded on the platform and TikTok, with bated breath, one of their fire moves.

13 July 2020 19:30For: canalrcn.com

Beautiful actress Salome Camargo was surprised again by his followers after replacing a sensual video in which shows all your skills to dance.

The actress who played sister Diomedes Diaz in his childhood he was in love with how to move your hips, showing attractive and adjusted the pant leg.

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Salome he gave an example of talented that it’s not just for work but also to perform a variety of makeup tutorials that conquered all his fanaticada in Instagram.

This talented young man defended several aspects, and each of them managed to get a lot of attention from Internet usersthat emphasizes your charm and personality as well as her physical beauty.

This time Camargo he wanted to move in the rhythm of the music Travis Scott and Rosalia with the song ???where legs and chest acapararon all the attention.

Although the film was presented on their Instagram, it’s true viralizó quickly through social networksis all fanaticada.

It is worth noting that Salome was very active on digital platforms, sharing with his fans some of the things experienced during this social isolation in the house.

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