As a free agent, returned to the UFC or exchange for WWE? Paige VanZant, facing an uncertain future after his latest defeat in the octagon


In the US, one aspect of the more known MMA was defeated by Brazilian Amanda Ribas in the first round of UFC events 251.

In the United States, Paige VanZant, one of the most popular luchadoras MMA, lost last fight, specified in his contract with the UFC. In the first round of the fight, which took place in Abu Dhabi, July 11, was defeated by Brazilian Amanda Ribas, and now do not know what awaits him in the future.

VanZant, who has much more success in Instagram that inside the octagon, turned it to the social network to congratulate his opponent and to shed light on another step.

“Congratulations Amanda, the performance is amazing. It was truly an honor to share the octagon with you,” published VanZant. “So for me, I will rise, like always. I can’t wait to see where God leads me“.

In turn, in an interview with MMA Fighting last week, VanZant said unhappy with the salary that receives in the UFC, although it is stated that “not to have anything against the company”. Before these statements, and after his defeat by Ribas, the company’s President Dana white said such complaints, and performance “controversial” in the octagon, about the wrestler “should try” to become a free agent.

Dana white assures that UFC all categories can disappear in the center of the chance that his

To be his last fight in the UFC, can the doors be opened, and other leagues, to VanZant, for example, Bellator or ONE Championship. But things can change if you reach a new agreement with the company.

As a possible step in the fight?

On the other hand, suggested that he could leave art mariales mixed to join WWE. These rumors began to circulate, and then that commentator this company, Renee young, ask on Twitter, how high can “see VanZant in the ring WWE”. Between that he said, it was a well-known journalist specializing in the fight, Dave Meltzer, who assured Yes, this is possible since a few years ago, the war has already held a meeting with the company management and said that the list to join his division, feminine, but this time nothing showed on the obligations VanZant, under contract with the UFC.

Is it just a rumor like those that arose around the other exestrella UFC Irishman Conor McGregor. Then he announced, for the third time, the end of his career in early June, on one of versions, have arisen regarding their future that may join the WWE. It should be noted that this company already athletes who have experienced both in freestyle and MMA like Shayna Baszler, Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, among others.