Brown, the Mexican entrepreneur called to pay more taxes


The national journal, brown, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllarhe called entrepreneurship the Mexicans to join the initiative “Millionaires for humanity“where it is proposed that the owners of large assets Taxes increase.

He suggested that all those entrepreneurs who are already in the approach with the Federal government, for example, that accompanied the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador Washington, to show their solidarity and their commitment to the welfare of Mexico and the Manifesto in favor of a progressive tax system in which those who contribute more resources to the country’s public finances in an act of justice, and tax justice.

The Deputy leave, stressed that the Pandemic Covid-19 has implied a challenge for all the countries in the area of health, human and economic crisis.

“The expenses for the management of the pandemic on the protection of the population and determines the health system, combined with the decline in the revenues of the governments, a product of the social distancing measures implemented, will be a strong pressure on the public finances of the countries,” said Ramírez Cuéllar.

Through a statement, explained the need to take measures for the government to strengthen its revenue, so that you can implement, the most important measures to support the population and revive the economy.

“The context that we encounter, puts in evidence the necessity of a tax system progressive and fair, where those who have the most to contribute more to the public finances,” he said.

The initiative ” millionaires for humanity, signed by 83 entrepreneurs on a global level, calling on governments to raise taxes on “the rich”, so as to contribute fairly to the recovery of the economy, before the damage caused by the pandemic.

Also, the governments ‘ calls to address inequality, and to recognize that the increase in the tax on large assets, such as greater fiscal transparency is crucial for a long-term solution.

The national leadership of brown spread that, according to OXFAM, Mexico is within the 25% of the countries with the highest inequality in the world, and more than 50 million poor., of which 9.3 million are living in extreme poverty

“In addition, it is expected that the situation Ramírez Cuéllar said may be exacerbated by the economic and social impact of the pandemic,”.

He called on the economic and social actors of the country, to be included in the debate on the tax on large fortunes and the benefits of their contribution to the public finances of the country, to increase social spending.

“It is an important opportunity for the entrepreneurs who have a rapprochement with the Federal government, such as the one that accompanied the President of the Republic in his recent visit to the United States on the occasion of the entry into force of the T-MEC, show your solidarity and commitment to the welfare of Mexico and the Manifesto in favor of a progressive tax system in which those who have more resources contribute more to the country’s public finances, in an act of justice, and tax justice,” he said.




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