EU to lift visas for foreign University


College students get their visa, even if you take classes online. Photo: AFP | Illustration

The Visas for foreign University not withdrawn, as announced days ago, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who pointed out the possibility of the retirement allows to students to study online, in the Wake of the pandemic of coronavirus.

According to Allison Burroughs, U.S. Federal judge from Boston, the decision, adopted on the 6. July from the immigration police (ICE), was questioned, the justice, 18 States and the District of Columbia, the University of Harvard and mit, with the support of other universities and teachers ‘ unions.

“The parties came to a solution, ( … ), the government decided to overturn the decision,” said judge Allison Burroughs in a brief hearing that was supposed to address demand from Harvard and mit.

The judge gave no further details about the reasons for this goes to the government of Donald Trump, but the announcement took, surprised.

With the decision to withdraw the visas for college students from foreignThousands of students from other countries were in danger of being deported United States Of Americathe epicenter of the global pandemic of the new coronavirus, because their universities offer online courses from the next semester.

Harvard and mit They were the first University, the centres address the decision of the immigration police on Wednesday, as they demanded to block the justice, “arbitrary and capricious”.

“Looks like it was designed on purpose to open pressure on the universities, their campus classes this fall, ignore the worry about the health and safety of students, teachers, and others.”

Lawrence Bacow, President of Harvard.

Donald Trump who has called the fight against immigration the ship illustrious with its mandate and the commitment to the revitalization of the economy for re-election in November, to work tirelessly for the re-opening of the Schools and universities.

The United States has nearly a million foreign students, i.e. 5.5% of the total, and many institutions depend largely on tuition payments.

President Donald Trump is not immediately responded to the decision to revoke the visas of the foreign University.

With information from AFP