Facts and myths about diet Sirtfood, secret key, Adele


I drastically! She looked so Adele a few months ago, when he showed his new look, as evidenced by the loss of not less than 45 kg: legs long and thin, the face lightened and factions-more respingadas on the nose and chin. Immediately, speculation began on the subject, what was the secret to winning the “Grammy” to look that way, and not Diet Sirtfoodyeah , I used Pippa Middleton before you get married and promises to continue to eat chocolate and pizza.

Diet Sirtfood began to gain popularity among the stars, and the stars that apply to the recommendations of its creators, nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten created database of food, costing up to 2000 euros. Experts put at the basis of diet on enzymes in sirtuinas or SIRS (Silent Information Regulators) and can get some food.

As noted, these sirtuinas responsible for fat loss and improving cardiovascular fitness. In a long list of foods that can be consumed to obtain the enzyme contains 20 “superalimentos” that if a well approved training, will not bring any effect if it does not meet the specified requirements, the rest of the nutrition or training plan.

Some of these products are: extra virgin olive oil, chicory, capers, celery mountains, berries, caféCebollas, cabbage,cCúrcuma, chili, dark chocolate (over 85%), apparently, medjool, frutilla, nuts, parsley, arugula, soy sauce, matcha tea, buckwheat, and red wine. But ojito that it needs to be combined with severe calorie restriction in the first phase and the second and even the third stage, a little more calm.

The last stage includes three balanced meals a day alternating with foods that contain sirtuinas and fruit, green to accelerate metabolism and lose weight still. Of course, it can be considered as an eating plan very sharp, because its creators took the social networks to explain some of the myths that go around about “diet beautiful Adele”.

Aidan Goggins and Glen Mattenexperts book The Sirtfood Diet discovered one of the secrets that hides the singer’s diet: you can eat pizza and drink champagne. “For us, the Diet Sirtfood much more than to lose weight. Devoted to plant foods, healthier, and, perhaps, some of the most delicious in the world, we understand how to diet for cooking lovers. It’s not a diet, not married restrictions and prohibited products, but the method is that we can really enjoy with family and friends,” he said.