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Documentary Gymnast A. the doctor is a predator (Netflix) it’s no big deal. Although to collect things as attractive as gymnastics women and sexual abuse (the same, I have to explain that something that appeals, complaints and establish all babosos criminals, and those that agreed). Can be documentary about the victims, Larry Nassardoctor Gymnastics Federation USA, which is chirona, there is not much old. In addition, there was one (Dr. Nassar: if the Gymnastics team USA LPG and cng).

Gymnast In has a certificate Jennifer Seygymnast in 80 years, and producer of the documentary film (wrote the book) and investigative journalism. But I think that was so important. Now lives in the UK, after watching the documentary, informing of the abuses of coaches for many years. In this sense, Yes, it’s interesting, the production, as it was something much more banal, that TVE put A caravan of women. What is the cause of things.

Under the tag #gymnastalliance reading all kinds of??????????. When you get to train the trauma that you griten that threw you off, that is not abuse of mental health, which is to humiliate you or hurt due to the weight (namely, that he thought the corner of the eye). One of the British athletes have come to demand the resignation of the President of the Federation, because they knew what was going on. Aly Raismanmore famous victims of Nassar, was applause.

Returning to the United States, Terry Magnificent, former head coach of USA Gymnastics, was arrested a few days ago in Las Vegas on charges of “acts lujuriosos” at least three children. This type was suspended on max Agency’s gymnastics USA in 2019. He trains in Las Vegas in 2009 and 2015. He is accused of abuse of a gymnast for 14 years at brown’s Gymnastics in Las Vegas. Gray worked with Mary Lee Tracy, seleccionadora USA at the Olympic games in 2000 in Sydney to Cincinnati. Coached Allysa Beckermanwho was the Deputy and Morgan Whitethat was chosen for the meeting, but he had to withdraw because of a leg injury. A bird may fall a life sentence.

Of course, none of this is new. Legendary Olga Korbut he said he was a “sex slave” of her coach, Renald Knysh. And other Soviet gymnasts were forced to sleep with their teachers. Korbut winning two gold medals in Munich at the age of 15 years. And shortly before the start of the Game, the fauna was in the room with a bottle of cognac, was forced to drink, and much more. I thought the Knish was coaching the guys, but the “girls private”. Never gave up treatment versallesco on guys. Not Nadia Comaneci from Bela Karoli (Karoli ranch themes in the documentary Gymnast On: at Carolina has prepared Comaneci and Mary Lou Retton and the path of the USA Games).

On the cover of the latest issue Vogue America for Simone business days, biggest gymnast, male or female, at any time (it’s true that the system of assessment points now in addition to the time Comaneci and ten in Montreal). Don’t know what that first woman who goes on the cover back. But what is behind. As he said after the triumph in Rio, not the next Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps, this is the first Simon working days. Simone working days has around 30 medals. And Simone Working Days suffered from a disorder Nassaralthough in the beginning didn’t happen. The story of Larry Nassar broke out three weeks after the end of the Games in Rio in the first part, released in Indianapolis Starwhere two former gymnasts complain of sexual violence.

Simone working days in the course of their studies. | EFE

The Court, Michigan

The case lasted more than two years, but, in principle, many athletes, working days, including, it was not clear what happened to them. To Nassar arrested until the end of 2016 for child pornography. In February, three were in the boat 60 Minutes to say that he did evil to them, which was to undergo a medical procedure. Medical procedures, for example, to poke fingers in the vagina. Days still argues that it did not happen. In gymnast ended to recognize it in January 2018, after his girlfriend Maggie Nichols to tell his story to the press. Working days said, well, I had the same treatment, but as I knew from other colleagues that they were worse minimizaba everything that happened to her. The statement was made yesterday, shocking statements of the other guys in the court of the state of Michigan.

Poor Simon working days not only survived sexual violence, but during a Game in Tokyo, he saw that was supposed to be a year in USA Gymnastics. Was very critical, as with the Federation and the Olympic Committee of the USA and is part of a group of 140 athletes who claim the two organizations. Nassar corresponds to life in prison for abusing dozens gymnasts (although it is believed that you can be more than 350) and 60 years for child pornography.

I’m not saying that women are not daughters of a whore and can threaten like everyone else. But sexual abuse earn men. They hire women. Because better get on Neverland ranch, which is the Olympic games.

Moscow. 1974. The first episode of the third season The Murder Of Eve. Gymnast (Dasha performed for more Harriet Walter) prepares for the uneven bars and the coach says, the whole class perrerías. Then goes to the locker room and kisses her. We assume that this is normal behavior, routine. And it gives these whips, that ceases to be half-dead. Or dead. In it we see vengadas all gymnasts. Then the killer.



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