How does a popstar? Oh, Millie Bobby brown, amazing, amazing film!


Millie Bobby Brown he made his name on screen in the role of Eleven “Stranger Things“. Popular television shows from Netflix in the album as one of the most influential personalities and opened the door to the big screen. At the age of 16 years, star has also opened the way for his company, but also her face well-known brands as model. But… does he come aspects popstar?

In the last posteo from InstagramMillie Bobby brown has posted a shocking video, performing normal window “Love On Top“Beyoncé. It not only mimics, an outstanding singer, but also holds the action in style, in a solid dance Studio. Dressed in a top and pink elastic seal, in the company of high heels, stars also fell pirouette, what surprised most fans.

This isn’t the first time Millie was interpreterpath room of the singer. In 2015 he showed his vocal ability plays the theme from the soundtrack Dreamgirls “Listen” and performed several songs on the album 4 a version Karaoke Carpool. While the actress has not changed, if training your skills, or if you are planning a new turn in his career as a pop star.

Does Millie Bobby brown potential?

During its short, but you can see mileage, Millie Bobby Brownwas awarded numerous awards, among which is the Prize “Saturn” as “best actress in a television series”. He was also nominated for an Emmy award and a SAG “best supporting actress” and “best actress in a TV series,” respectively, for her role in “Stranger Things”.

The British became one of the best paid show, along with David harbour and Winona Ryder. In addition, he made a deal millionaire for the next movie with Henry Cavill Avenue (Cavill, “Enola Holmes“. These achievements will be the sum of his debut as a model on hand Calvin Klein, and his participation in the world games from EA Games. As if that wasn’t enough, he put the face in the campaign Converse, Galaxy and Pandora.