How hard it is to be a mom in pandemic


The streets are empty. The shops mostly closed. To go to the Park is not an option, and as visiting family. If in itself this pattern of destruction, imagine how hard it is to be pregnant in the days pandemic Covid-19, have the desire, the desire to go for a walk, to visit their loved ones and not be able to do it.

Currently, Mexican actress Africa Zavala he is in the middle of her pregnancy, and Claudia Cervantes mom was in this year March 26, when the state of the pandemic began to deteriorate in Mexico. Both shared in Universal, how still have energy and hopes for the retreat.

“Don’t even know how many days I’m a prisoner.”

“I was kind of hurt that I don’t think I can go, but I’m trying to put all the desire in the world to be positive, to help him all I can, I don’t even know how many days I’m a prisoner but I don’t think we can do something else, so to find its positive sides, and more because I told you to bebito the fact that this mom, so I’ll try not estresarme because now you can see Messages and estresas, and if you have hormones, I’m back with the mind, imagine!, I’m trying to forget, I’m doing yoga, prenatal and couple of things,” said Africa, is Universal.

With regard to the time of birth, said that in the hospital doing tests Covid-19 mothers and those who will be present at the birth to make sure that they are safe, and in addition, there are areas that are typical of pregnant women.

So, with the increase of security and feels more secure and also because the expectations of the child forward.

“We are in the middle of the pregnancy, I hope that hit birth, when we come, therefore, and a living area separate from the world, it was hard, we have two solitos with bebecito, knowing nothing”, – he added.

Fortunately, those days are gone with a partner, Leo Peraza, but it was very hard to be away from his mother and because he says he has mamitis, but it is good that you can talk to her via video chat whenever you want. Another thing, how many desires, which are taken during pregnancy, which are hard to satisfy are all closed.

“It’s very ugly, because if he was on the street, you’re going to eat everything, but now can’t because we can’t go out for the craving, indeed, a little”.

The couple decided to remove the video, so that the child sees, when there will be more, and knows what’s going on in the world, while he was preparing to be born.

“Each day Leon reads books, ‘the little Prince’, I’m trying to sing, speak, and already touched Leon, which will give you some pataditas in the nose, he says and moves, it’s very beautiful, bebito recognize the voice, mom, videos for you can also hear his voice,” said Africa, who, like many mothers, said today they expect the birth of their children, holds stronger than ever, protecting the child from everything, and trying that even though the world was some chaos, though, and touched on the most difficult day of the pandemic, installed may 8, your child will feel confident and happy in her womb with voices of their parents, their grandparents, giving it a mood.

“My child touched born in the new age, to give hope”

Actress Claudia Cervantes she was born in Santiago, this year on March 26.

On this day, in the country, had 585 cases a positive coronavirus and death did not come at ten. His son, – says the actress and producer, was a warrior from the beginning, which survived as an embryo to treatment in vitro.

“It was founded to be up to minus 196 degrees, frozen to transfer. After touched to be born in the new age, to give hope. This fertile soil, as it should be mankind” – shared in the Universal.

Describes her pregnancy as something very wonderful, and all because he left that it might be toxic, ate well, slept well and worked, but all in perfect harmony. even when Jacob was born, reached amazing in his pancita.

“I’m not afraid because I have been previously using in vitro process that I had, so I was emotionally, spiritually and physically list what I thought was that my baby was as huevito Kinder surprise that when I saw it, knows how it was, and as the father-the donor is anonymous, without knowing their physical characteristics, and it hurts the illusion, although there were people who told me: “well, if you get Chinese?”but I have always said that, as is his love, and that it was, rather, a question, a racist, and I’m not.”

As for the birthday, had to take extra precautions because of the pandemic.

“I knew that in the midst of a pandemic, whether he’s in the hospital, the risk of infection could be older or, perhaps, with care, below, and then I met with my intuition, my conscience and I decided to go to the clinic, all the doctors that were with me, doctor Lujan, and they were all sanitary measures necessary”.

One of their strengths at the time of birth was a doula, a woman who has a mother and supporting other women through the process of pregnancy and gives strength.

“My doula accompanied me to a friend who broke source, came home at dawn, was 12 hours of contractions that were so strong that, in the end, so I asked for pain medication, because it is not dilataba before cesarean section had to make some positions more and I hope that it will be difficult of the pelvic floor, it was not as smooth as I expected, but when I heard my baby cry and the barrel to cut the cord, because he could not be a companion nor my mother, no one to him I have dedicated a few words. As I was not amniotic fluid will have to be put on oxygen, but if you put in my hands, I forgot that it hurt and everything was love, I was mesmerized by it, as in ecstasy, on another planet, only felt, love, love, love was not for me nothing more.”

A few hours later, Claudia was able to go home and was just like the river to the deprivation of liberty, accompanied by his mother and never came to anything that had no one visit, on may 10, he wants to be with dad, which also corresponds to the years, but it’s impossible.

Sorry, I could not see my granddaughter in the face.

“For 39 days, he was born in Santiago, I one day to complete their quarantine staff, but still with quarantine in the world. I managed to set my routine and schedule to determine what time bañarlo, dormirlo and feed. Sometimes the fatigue is heavy, but very effective. Thank God, milk-free, baby is growing healthy and I have my mother here with me that the wine Morelia, help me. I thought that will be implemented at my Nanis, because I have my company a nanny, but a gift for the pandemic during the day with my mom, and love my child.”

Expecting a baby in quarantine

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