Into a puree with Cindy Crawford starts the day, and can help you lose weight


To start the day charged with energy, I think this is one of the secrets Cindy Crawford to maintain the currently super figure, which has become one of the most important of the 90-ies.

Despite the fact that time has passed, the model in the course it is important that the food balanced and active lifestyle, to feel in great shape, and in this regard it is necessary to pay attention to this, and others.

Keep its shape, sound, so she only therefore, exercises that are practiced and what happened to time, in one of the cosmetic procedures, but I’m not sure that genetics that seems that it was inherited by his daughter, also in the model, Kaia Gerber, the game in your favor.

In everyday sports, not enough cardio, though with variations to its body does not get used and all to improve and also to make it more interesting. There are days that the elliptical trainer is the hero, and the second is that jumping on a trampoline or trampolining serve training.

Although going out for a jog, up and down the stairs, or up the pancakes, I’d like to share dancing lessons with friendsthat keeps herself in shape, helps to be in contact with them and have so much fun during a workout.

Exercise is important, but not more than the food, so trying to pay attention to what he eats to be more healthy. Many fruits and vegetables and some more secrets that we have yet to learn.

Fortunately, thanks to social networks we can learn some beauty tips, because Cindy had no doubt shared, and his numerous disciples, one of the recipes the key to your diet, from cocktail with which to start the day.

Is there an elixir of eternal youth?

The model was shared with great warmth the recipe for this cocktail, charged vitamins, minerals and antioxidantsthe mix is perfect to prevent the years reflected on your skin.

Gives a lot of fiber and beta-carotene and under calorie their main ingredients, banana and spinach that makes it a good choice for those who want to take care line, which also contributes to its effect saciante.

Addressing the stick blender, Cindy wanted to show that easy to make the smoothie is preferred beverage, which is prepared on every day to keep your energy and not take up too much time.

For this house you will need 1 Cup milk, almond, ? banana, frozen, 1 Cup spinach leaves, 10 mint leaves, 1 tablespoon of protein powder and two teaspoons of Superelixir WelleCo Greens (a mixture of ingredients including vitamins, minerals, and probiotics).

Cindy, in addition, has a secret: to make this healthy smoothie even more delicious, a component of surprise, one puñadito with cacao nibs. These feathers are bits of the cocoa seed, natural grilled, tasty and nutritious, high in antioxidants and a great source of energy.

Breakfast is so loaded ideal if you want to lose weight, because it gives many nutrients and lots of calories, and a lot of power saciante, perfect for days that you don’t have time to eat in peace, and you are looking for something healthy “on the go” to nutrirte and alimentarte and continue your day full of energy.



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