Jennifer Lopez boasts great body in Instagram, on your 50 years


Jennifer Lopez this is one of those famous, it seems that they made a Pact with the devil to remain forever or the ones who drank water from the fountain of youth. Actress age 50 years, but it seems to me that it is not time passes. We in new York never ceases to prove to his disciples to continue in the same form as always.

On Saturday, June 27, the singer shared on his profile in Instagram a photo where appears, showing that he cares about their physical high and that is still a great form of exercise.

For this, he got pictures of a few chaps with print, very original realzaban wonderful curves. The publication, two days after, more three and a half million “likes” and more than thirty-three thousand commentsproving that his fans and friends, they loved his image.

But this photo is not the first that shows us in a form that is Jennifer Lopez. In the account we can see a few pictures where you can see how much you care to stay so effectively.

In addition, this publication we are not surprised after watching him inctuaciĆ³n in “2020 Super Bowl’where alucinamos about dancing is wonderful. In fact, part of this dance went viral at the time of conclusion of coronavirus in TikTok, leaving us with hundreds of video fan tries to mimic is so sexy choreography.

His followers, as well as praise its beautiful shape, made memes, comparing the condition of the Jennifer Lopez hand in my 20 yearsby placing the photo in the form of singer a person is more. JLo, what to tell a secret, to keep it in shape with a beautiful 50 years and you also have to give us dance lessons for aprendernos this part of the choreography that court through a social network.



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