Jennifer Lopez posed with leggings to show off your body


Jennifer Lopez as you know, one of the characters, most importantly today, because he was in love with his followers her talent, beauty, sensuality and style.

American actress enloqueció their supporters, after the publication of this week’s photo, which starred in back crop top sports and stopped to see torneados buttocks shell uppers.

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Quickly ,the post has become a trend, as Jlo he showed that the way to 50 years, as a diva, and without plastic surgery.

Back to the list for the weekend“it was a message, shared a photo of him and I’m glad his fans.

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The publication quickly filled the many positive reviews for her sensual figure and toned body.

Beautiful woman outdoors and indoors“, “Your beauty is wonderful! I admire you more and more”, “I’m serious, you have a perfect body! May God bless you“”I want to get to my 50”, “This body is not of this world“, “Jlo is not of this world” were some messages you received.

But this is not the only photo with Jennifer Lopez was left with his mouth open, his followers, because several times he nursed that beautiful and young man who looks 50 years old.