Johnny Depp reveals addiction problems, during the process against The Sun


Johnny Depp I wanted to wash his image, but in the end pulling out the rags in the sun. Court on libel initiated against the star tabloid The Sun left, exposing the Gory details of his life, and his marriage to Amber Heard.

Hero Pirate of the Caribbean he last week enzarzado in the process against the tabloid and its editor group, the CSE before the Supreme Court London.

The star, 57, accuses The Sun”, as presented in 2018, as the journalist’s wifeassuming that he kept the herd, something he always denied.

The lawsuit tried to clear its image, badly damaged, in Hollywood, according to Depp, according to the journal: I spent to be Cinderella going Cuasimodo in 0.6 secondssaid last week, comparing himself with the heroes Disney.

But from the beginning of the trial last Tuesday, the actor was profusely questioned the lawyer about CSE 14 alleged acts domestic violence which date back for 2013-2016.

A couple who met on the set Rhum Express in 2011, got married in 2015 and divorce two years after. The actress said at the time years violence physical and mental healthabout accusations Depp refuses.

View London still in the centre of their problems addiction and excessive lifestyle. Released personal messages, photos, and reviews acusatorios.

Experts in the field of show business are divided about whether to put these three weeks of public control.

It was very unwise to go ahead, this demandAFP says a lawyer for the press mark Stephens legal London Howard Kennedy. To put (divorce is hard) this is the height of stupidity or arrogance– he adds.

On the contrary, Emily Cox, of the company, Stuart says that there was no other choice: not to defend without a doubt, it could affect his career much more significant than the details of his life that society now sees.

In the era of the Internet, attack of such magnitude have a huge impact if they are not challenged in courtsaid in the “Daily Telegraph”.

In the past few days, Deep said high, as in the time that I was not in physical condition to beat anybody and admitted that, perhaps, broken clubs night and hotel rooms cost a few dollars.

His defense tried to prove that Hurd, 34, then just a case against him within two years of the winding marriagein order to promote his career. She was violent, and that he also took drugs.

Monday, Depp he remembered the night of the birthday 30, his wife, in April 2016.

He came in the evening, when he learned that his exadministrador was deprived of $ 650 million, earned from Pirates 2 and 3he said.

Recognized possiblein response to the question lawyersmoked marijuana at this time. He assured that this substance has the power soothing in it and, consequently, cannot have been that he is able rabies as claimed by CSE.

He also announced that in March 2015 Los Angeles failed to capture her hair with one hand and KNOCK it with others, because he was escayolado.

He was plaster, because, according to him, he could Hear her, she was a sleepy piece of finger to the bone with a bottle during a fight in Australia.

And as proof presented a message was sent soon after the crash in December 2015 the father of the actress, actor David Hurd, this supports that their daughter has a problem with humor, as with Depp drugs and alcohol.

His reputation will be forever tarnished if she finds out that hit– Stevens says. And if Heard is lying, it will be very difficult to find work in Hollywood.

Pros: AFP